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Entry #1 (20th February 2014)

Posted by taylormartin on February 20, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Dear Diary, 

I made this site today. I also posted "Derpmen: The Legend of the Derpmen" and "The Derp Hustle" today. That's quite some progress. We are getting some good Twitter coverage from Chilled and Smarty, which is qutie handy to get this project started. 

Smarty wants "The Derp of Wall Street" so I am going to start on that one, hopefully I'll remember to take some screen shots of me doing it for those who are interested. 

And I know this has only started but I want to thank everyone thats been supporting this (eg. tweeting it and giving very positive comments). It's amazing how far some positive comments go so maybe you guys should go give positive comments on the Youtube channels of the Derp Crew. 

It's a lengthy process creating and even finding these so what you guys say really does make me feel good about what I am doing. So, the only thing left to do is get this party started. Oh and my twitter is @mr_taylorbm if you want to see the pictures first or talk to me. 


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