TaylorBM Designs

"It's gotta be the best we've ever done" - American Hustle


Hey everyone, you'll see pictures appearing up here and everywhere pretty much. 

Check out my Blog for just stuff that I say and updates (I'll try and do them at least weekly). 

Photo Gallery will definitely have the posters and photos of the guys - you may even see one of me eventually enough. 

About me, well that's just about me. Check it out if you are interested.

Contact me, follow the directions if you want information of what I'm doing or even requests, tips just anything really.

Links, now this is important. This has my links to Twitter but also has the Derp Crews informational links. It is just to their Youtube, but their Youtube has their Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Spreadshirt, Instagram and Tumblr. Please go check them out, they are the only reason I am able to do what I do.