TaylorBM Designs

"It's gotta be the best we've ever done" - American Hustle


Yes that's me with Elmo. Dress up day at school. 

Anyway, me. My name's Taylor and I live in Brisbane, Australia. Currently I finished school in 2013 and now I am doing an Interior Design course. 

Youtube people? The Derp Crew?

I like Youtube and Twitch. A lot. I am currently subscribed to 28 channels, of which I pretty much watch all their videos. I also like communicating with these Youtubers and others. You'll often find me in Gassy Mexican, Juicetra and OMGitsfirefoxx's streams on Twitch.  The subscribed channels obviously include:

  • Crious Gamers (Chilled Chaos)
  • GaLmHD (Galm/Sondoman)
  • Teh Smarty (Smarty)
  • Ze Royal Viking (Ze)

Why do posters?

Why not? 

Its fun, I enjoy doing it. The guys have a good laugh at it and so do I.

What programs?

Plain old Adobe Photoshop CC. It's good. I like it. It also works. When trying to record I use OBS (though technical difficulties that have never been heard of before make it difficult to do recordings). Gyazo for screen shots of progress.